How to manage all the information that exists

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How to manage all the information that exists

Post by HansjoergFromBEF on Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:12 pm

Today, there is a wealth of information available, and on a daily basis we gain more and more insight.

But the problem, as I see it, is that it is very hard to connect them and to provide them in a structured, machine-processable way.

It may sound naive, but what is if the information/knowledge is there to make significant process, but we cannot see it because we are not able to "connect the dots".

For instance, is there a worldwide registry with all organisations caring about MS? What kind of clinical trials are at the moment executed?
How do new findings connect with what we already know? How fast is such information spread?

Can topics like Opendata, big data, and so on help to solve this challenge?


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