TISCH IndieGoGo campaign - reassures they 80/20 rule

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TISCH IndieGoGo campaign - reassures they 80/20 rule

Post by HansjoergFromBEF on Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:23 pm

I recently became aware, that TISCH was funding their Phase I trial to use stem cells to repair the myelin layer with an IndieGoGo campaign.


Since this campaign targets the MS-community completely, we can use it to confirm the assumptions I've made.

First, there were about 1000 donors who donated a total of 300 USD. In the average, this is 300 USD per donation. On http://butterflyeffectproject.jimdo.com/impossible/ I've written

Summarizing the financial part:
In order to collect 100Mio USD, we need about 2Mio people out of a group of 12Mio people with a VERY STRONG interest in this topic, to donate at least 10USD.
In order to collect 30Mio USD and asking for at least 20USD, we "only" need 200'000 - 300'000 people of our community.
30 Mio provided by 200'000 people, an average of 150 USD.

Moreover, having a look at the "amount-distribution", we have an almost exact confirmation of the 80/20 rule as. I added a diagram and explanation to http://butterflyeffectproject.jimdo.com/impossible/.


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